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Wyoming Chapter National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials
President: Greg Hancock Deputy Director of the Housing Authority of the City of Cheyenne.  Greg has served as President of the Wyoming Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials since 2011, and has been Deputy Director of the Cheyenne Housing Authority since May 2013.  Prior to joining the Authority, he was President and CEO of the Wyoming Housing Network - a statewide nonprofit housing organization, housing technical assistance provider, housing development director, and manager of for-profit companies.  He has over 20 years of experience developing and managing low income and affordable housing including multiple developments in several Wyoming locations.  In addition, Greg has developed and administered homebuyer education, financial education and other programs designed to prepare individuals and households for fiscally independent lives.  The for-profit and non-profit organizations he has led have received multiple performance and customer service awards reflecting his strong organizational, management, and administrative skills.  Why housing?  Housing has consistently been a key factor in my life and the life of friends, family and coworkers.  There is a strong relationship between the availability, cost, and condition of suitable housing and household member’s health, happiness, and workplace dependability. I am honored to participate in the process of providing quality housing that is affordable to Wyoming citizens. Why Wyoming? After living in various locations, my recreational interests and employment brought me to Wyoming in 2003.  My first and continuing impression is I am Home at Last!  Vice President: Kim Porter Planning Manager, Wyoming Business Council Kim Porter, a Cheyenne, Wyoming native currently works as the Planning Manager for the Wyoming Business Council.  Kim has a certificate in Public Administration, an Associates in Accounting, a B.S. in Management and Leadership and recently earned her Certificate in Sustainable Community Development from Colorado State University. Kim works with communities in Wyoming through several programs to help strengthen the vitality of Wyoming’s communities.  Kim enjoys quilting, gardening and reading in her spare time. Treasurer: April Thompson Executive Director for the Rock Springs Housing Authority Originally from a small town in Iowa, she moved to Wyoming the first time as a child during the boom in the late 70’s.  She graduated from Rock Springs High School and spent the next few years living in several western states.  Eventually her family moved back to Wyoming from Redmond, Washington in 1992. April then went back to school graduated from Western Wyoming Community College with an Associate of Science degree in 2000. My first job in housing was mowing lawns at a low income property in Rock Springs, Wyoming as a teenager.  I worked throughout the years in various states and property management positions, including leasing agent, property manager and eventually a regional property manager. My experience in property management and my position with the City of Rock Springs as a Senior Accounting Technician led me to my current position as Executive Director for the Rock Springs Housing Authority.      I became involved in affordable housing because I saw the struggles of the families that I worked with as a property manager.  Many families could not afford even the cheapest housing we offered.  No matter the circumstances they deserved someplace to call home.  A home they could take pride in and provide a safe place for their family.  Working for the housing authority has given me the special opportunity to help those I could not help before, and to give homes to people in need.   Secretary: Deanne Widauf Program Manager for the City of Cheyenne Housing & Community Development Office Deanne was born in Worland, WY, and graduated from East High School, Cheyenne, WY.   She then moved to Minneapolis, MN directly after graduation and to work for The Salvation Army.  Afterwards, she entered the US Air Force and has been stationed in Alaska, Italy, and New Mexico.  After obtaining the rank of SSgt and attending two Technical Schools, Deanne returned to Cheyenne and attended LCCC where she obtained an Associate’s Degree before transferring to the University of Wyoming where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science.  I currently work as the Program Manager for the City of Cheyenne Housing & Community Development Office.  The H&CD Office manages the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant funding, for the City of Cheyenne.  A goal of the H&CD Office is to provide decent, affordable housing for low income residents of Cheyenne through homeowner rehabilitation and assisting with shelter/transitional housing/rapid re-housing for the homeless.