Welcome to WyoNAHRO

Welcome to WyoNAHRO

Welcome to WyoNAHROWelcome to WyoNAHROWelcome to WyoNAHRO


We believe that each person should have access to safe and affordable housing to strengthen our communities for the future of Wyoming.

About Us

What is WyoNAHRO? 

WyoNAHRO, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is Wyoming’s Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials.  WyoNAHRO operates throughout the state of Wyoming with the mission to provide adequate housing for the entire population and the attainment of sound communities through the processes of development, preservation, conservation, rehabilitation and redevelopment.  Incorporated in 1975, WyoNAHRO conducts educational conferences and workshops, informs National NAHRO of Wyoming’s housing situation and challenges, and coordinates and encourages activities and the development of additional housing resources required to achieve its mission.  Focused on the needs of low-income households, beneficiaries include housing organizations and housing interests statewide, economic development entities, low income households, and ultimately all Wyoming citizens.  


The mission of WyoNAHRO is to raise awareness of the need for safe, accessible and affordable housing and to strengthen our communities for the citizens of Wyoming.  We are proud to operate on the generosity of funds from our members and conference attendees.


WyoNAHRO is committed to representing the interests of its members at the state, regional and national level, with HUD and other public interest groups.  

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233 C Street, Rock Springs, WY 82901, US

(307) 352-1471


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08:00 am – 05:00 pm