Capital Court Apartments-60 unit income restricted property located in Cheyenne, WY

Capital Court Apartments-Cheyenne Wyoming

Wyoming Housing Trust Fund-The Basics

  • Current housing resources are not enough to address our housing need.  Wyoming has relied on federal funds to finance Wyoming’s housing need; federal funds are increasingly unreliable and meet less than 50% of our housing need.

  • Housing is an essential component of Wyoming’s economy, and housing is in short supply in Wyoming. Due to the housing shortage, employers are challenged to recruit and retain staff. Staff shortages lead to an erosion of service quality and revenue, and businesses become unstable. Without stable businesses and essential services, community populations decline, the tax base erodes, the risk of homelessness increases, student performance declines, and communities deteriorate

  • WyoNAHRO is proposing the creation of a Wyoming Housing Trust Fund designed to invest in Wyoming’s unique statewide housing needs. Typically established by legislation, a Housing Trust Fund is a dedicated fund designed to increase and preserve the affordable housing inventory

  • Our Housing Trust Fund would provide loans, loan guarantees, loan subsidies, and/or grants to preserve and increase the inventory of rental and ownership housing available to Wyoming citizens who are not able to afford market rate housing. 

  • As well as, generate a positive return on the investment of Wyoming Housing Trust Funds by ensuring that each annual allocation of funds results in a long-term Return on Investment (interest income from loans approved exceeds the amount of grant funds awarded). 

wyoming housing trust fund-current draft

This draft is a working document and is constantly being reviewed in order to have the greatest impact on our state.  If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us.